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Anime Upscale Script

This was a basic script created to upscale and filter anime footage for use with AMV editing and is not intended to be used on footage for archival purposes.  There are three strengths to the filter and it is recommend that you use Strength=2 or higher with cel animated anime while using Strength=1 for most newer digitally animated sources. Only extremely old grainy anime should need Strength=3.  Another important setting is widesreen, which is set to either true or false, the default is true.  The FullHD setting, which is true by default, controls whether the output is 1080p (when set to true) or 720p (when set to false).  There is also the ability to crop through this script; cropSD crops at the original resolution, and cropHD crops at the new upscaled resolution.  This filter will run very slow as the backbone of it is MDegrain2(), which you can disable by setting Degrain=0, however that is not recommended.

     Strength               (Default = 1)
        -Use strength=1 for basic upscaling.
        -Use strength=2 for videos with medium grain or noise.
        -Use strength=3 for videos with lots of grain or noise.
     Degrain                (Default = 0)
     (NOTE: Default is 2 for Strength > 2)
        -Use Degrain=0 to disable MDegrain2.
        -Use Degrain=1 for standard degrain.
        -Use Degrain=2 for double pass standard degrain.
        -Use Degrain=3 for heavy degrain.
        -Use Degrain=4 for double pass heavy degrain.
     FullHD                   (Default = true) Use false for 720p.
     Widescreen           (Default = true) Use false for fullscreen videos.
     CropSD                 (Default = "0,0,0,0") Ex. "4,2,-4,-2"
     CropHD                 (Default = "0,0,0,0") Ex. "4,2,-4,-2"
     ConvertMatrix        (Default = true) Use false to not convert Rec.601 to Rec.709
     ResizeMethod       (Default = "Spline36")

AviSynth Example:

VapourSynth Example:
import vapoursynth as vs
import animeupscale as au
core = vs.get_core()
video = core.ffms2.Source(r'video.avi')
video = au.AnimeUpscale(Strength=2,Widescreen=True)

HELPFUL TIP:  AviSynth uses the Rec.601 color matrix for YV12 footage by default, which is the default color matrix for SD footage.  This is not the same color matrix that is used for storing and decoding HD footage, therefore it is recommended that you keep ConvertMatrix=true.  

ColorMatrix (AviSynth)
Flash3kyuu Deband
Mask Tools 2 (AviSynth)
RgTools (AviSynth)

Download: AviSynth / VapourSynth

Release Notes
Version 4.4.1 (6-26-2017)
 - Added VapourSynth Version.
- Changed ResizeMethod variable to not require resize.
 - Removed Levels().

Version 4.4 (6-16-2017)
 - Added Hysteria.
 - Removed FastLineDarkenMod() & LSFMod().

Version 4.3 (5-5-2015)
 - Added ConvertMatrix to allow for Rec.601 to Rec.709 conversion.
 - Added mDegrainSimple() function.
 - Removed mdegrain2default() and mdegrain2strong() functions.

Version 4.2.1 (10-13-2014)
 - Fixed an error in the script that prevented sharpening at Strength=1.

Version 4.2 (10-11-2014)
 - Added a RemoveGrain back for Strength=3.
 - Removed Strength=4.
 - Removed DeHalo Alpha.
 - Adjusted what Strength settings control and the default.

Version 4.1 (10-8-2014)
 - Removed DAA, LSFMod, and RemoveGrain.
 - Added a LSFModLight function to the main script.
 - Added line sharpening before DeHalo for Strength=4.
 - Improved stability.

Version 4.0 (8-28-2014)
 - Complete rewrite of the script that removes all spatial smoothing.
 - Added LSFMod for additional sharpening.
 - Improved stability and speed when using multi-threaded AviSynth.

Previous Versions
 - All change logs for previous versions located under Anime Upscale Classic.
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