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Advanced Editing Script

This script was created to help me edit anime music videos directly in AviSynth by helping to reduce the amount of scripting.  This script is intended for advanced users and is not recommended for beginners.

   Syntax:  AdvCrop(clip, [Crop Values], [Crop Direction], [Modulus], [Shift Direction], [Shift Amount])

     Crop                   (Default = "0,0")
        -Use to specify the amount to crop from the top & bottom or right & left sides.
     Direction              (Default = "vertical")
        -Use to specify if cropping the top & bottom or right & left sides.
     CropMod                (Default = 2)
        -Use to specify the modulus, but it is ignored if the clip is RGB.
     Shift                  (Default = "top")
        -Use to specify a side to reduce cropping on and increase the other.
     ShiftAmount            (Default = 2)
        -Use to specify the amount to shift.

   Syntax:  AdvFrames(clip, [repeat frame count], [frame #1], [frame #2],...[frame #25])
        -Max number of frames is 25

   Syntax:  AdvResize(clip, [New Size], [Resize by Width or Height], [Aspect Ratio], [Resize Method], [Modulus])

     Size                   (Default = <clip width or height>)
        -Use to specify the size of the width or height.
     ResizeBy               (Default = "height")
        -Use to specify if size represents width or height.
     AspectRatio            (Default = <clip aspect ratio>)
        -Use to specify the desired aspect ratio.
     ResizeMethod           (Default = "spline36resize")
        -Use to specify the resize method.
     ResizeMod              (Default = 2)
        -Use to specify the resize modulus, but it is ignored if the clip is RGB.

   Syntax:  AdvTrim(clip, [first frame clip#1], [last frame clip#1], [reverse clip? true/false],....)
   (NOTE: clip#a/b & rev# variables don't need to be named if entered chronologically, other variables can be placed inbetween.)

     (NOTE: Replace # with the clip number for variables listed below, the highest clip number is 10.)
     Clip#a             (Default = -1)
        -Use to specify the clip starting frame.
     Clip#b             (Default = -1)
        -Use to specify the clip ending frame.
     Rev#                (Default = false)
        -Use to reverse a clip.
     FPS#               (Default = false)
        -Use to alter the speed of a clip by changing the framerate.
        (NOTE: Lower framerates speed up the clip, higher rates make it slower.)
     FadeA             (Default = 0)
        -Crossfade between all clips.
     Fade#              (Default = 0)
        -Crossfade after specified clip to the next one, options are 1-9.
     ExF#                (Default = "None")
        -Specify extra filters to run on the specified clip, use single line syntax and place them in quotation marks together.

     Syntax:  Timecode([Timecode], [Frames Per Second])

       Timecode               (Default = "00:00:00.000")
          -Use to specify a timecode to conver to a frame number.
       FPS                    (Default = 23.976)
          -Use to specify the frame rate used to calculate the frame number from the timecode. 

     Syntax:  TimecodeTrim(clip, [StartTime], [EndTime])

       StartTime              (Default = "00:00:00.000")
          -Use to specify the clip starting time.
       StartEnd               (Default = "00:00:00.000")
          -Use to specify the clip ending time.

Release Notes
Version 1.1.2 (5-9-2016)
 - Fixed issue where RGB always ignored ResizeMod setting.
Version 1.1.1 (3-14-2016)
 - Fixed default value for EndTime in TimecodeTrim.
Version 1.1 (3-11-2016)
 - Added AdvCrop, AdvResize, Timecode, and TimecodeTrim.
Version 1.0.1 (7-3-2014)
 - Fixed error with variables for the AdvTrim Fade parameter.
Version 1.0 (10-16-2013)
 - Created based on l33t Script.

Sample Scripts  - This sample also requires: KenBurnsEffect & NicAudio

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