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l33t Script

Legacy Script (Discontinued)

The name is only l33t Script because I didn't really put any effort into naming it and all of the functions are prefixed with l33t as to avoid any future conflicts with other future AviSynth functions.  This script was created to help me edit AMVs directly in AviSynth and to make a lot of things easier to do when it comes to trimming clips.  This is intended for more advanced users, I didn't spend much time on explaining because users advanced enough to use it will understand with what is provided below.

l33tframes(clip, [repeat frame count], [frame #1], [frame #2],...[frame #25])
    -Max number of frames is 25
l33tdissolve(clip, [first frame clip#1], [last frame clip#1], [dissolve frame count],....)
    -Max number of clips is 13
l33tclips(clip, [first frame clip#1], [last frame clip#1], [another clip? true/false],....)
    -Max number of clips is 13
l33tclips2(clip, [Overall FPS], [Clip#1 FPS], [Clip#1 Reversed? true/false], [first frame clip#1], [last frame clip#1],....)
    -Max number of clips is 13

video = AviSource("video.avi")

AMV1 = video.l33tframes(5,253,255,257) #Repeats each frame 5 times before moving on to the next.
AMV2 = video.l33tclips(355,375,5,455,475) #Two clips cross faded together for 5 frames.
AMV3 = video.l33tclips(355,375,true,455,475) #Two clips trimmed and added together.
AMV4 = video.l33tclips2(23.976,12,false,255,275,15,true,755,775) #Two clips trimmed and added together with modified FPS and the 2nd is reversed, the returned clip is 23.976fps


return AMV.l33tfade(5,6) #Fades in from black 5 frames and fades out to black by 6.

Release Notes
Version 1.1 (5-11-2013)
 - Added l33tdissolve() which allows for cross fades between clips of the same video.
 - Fixed error with clip 13 in l33tclips() & l33tclips2().

Version 1.0 (10-25-2012)
 - First public release.